by the Company

c. 1600, from French apathie, from Latin apathia, from Greek apatheia. Without feeling. Without suffering. Without.

Creative Team 
Jessica Carmichael, Director 
Merlin Platt, Set, Lighting, and Video Designer
Jonathan Stern, Costume Designer 
Michael Friend, Props Designer 
Alana Marta DeVito, Sound Designer 
Sara Jarvie-Clark, Musical Director 
Danielle Eyer, Dramaturge
Camille Fecteau, Dramaturge 
Jenn Townsend, Assistant Director  
Alessandra Tom, Stage Manager 
Camille Lapointe, Assistant Stage Manager 
Shaylah Mahoney, Assistant Stage Manager

(In order of appearance)
Reporter/Nora- Cheyenne Schaub
Sylvia- Emelia Geryk
Kid A- Sara Jarvie- Clark
Niko- Samson Mills
Petra- Mariia Bashmakova
Sam- Scarlet Fountain
Cleo- Lila Ciesielski
Ella- Madison Phyper
Mae- Tamara Fattouh
Editor/David- Quinlan Green

Wednesday March 27th, 2019 // 8:00pm 
Thursday March 28th, 2019 // 8:00pm 
Friday March 29th, 2019 // 8:00pm 
Saturday March 30th, 2019 // 2:00pm and 8:00pm 

@ F.C Smith Building, Cazalet Studio