Created by the Grade 6 Students from Harriet Tubman Public School
October 22 & 23, 2016 at Rodman Hall, Brock University
directed, co-conceived and co-dramaturged by Jessica Carmichael
assistant direction and co-dramaturgy Tony Cushman
immersive directing consultant and co-conceiver Mitchell Cushman

Kyle Golemba* -Dr. James
Ben Sanders* - Bob Tam
Natasha Mumba* - Max Tam
Deanna Jones* - Vanessa
Raylene Turner* - Lauren BFF Leader
Amy Keating* - Billy BFF Leader
*members of Canadian Actors Equity Association

In Association with Outside the March
With Community Partners Rodman Hall, St. Catharines Collegiate & Harriet Tubman Public School

This collaboration was a new partnership with Toronto’s award-winning immersive theatre company Outside the March. Community Partner Rodman Hall, and its grounds, was animated with the creation of a site-specific, immersive theatre experience created by youth from Niagara.

iChild is an exploration of our heavily digitized, mediated, screen-filled world, created by a demographic that has never known anything but. How does technology affect children? At home? In the school? How has technology advancement changed language arts for children? How has technology created gaps in how children experience land and heritage? How do we create art? We chose Rodman Hall to investigate the cross-section between technology, language, heritage space and contemporary art and their place in children’s lives. 

The piece was a workshop presentation offered to the public three times, and performed by professional actors.

The project was made possible by the Niagara Investment in Culture grant.

(as written by the Grade Students of Harriet Tubman Public School)
Mother modem is taking over Mother Nature
Hyper technology is spreading everywhere. Can those who wish to stop it and those who wish to spread it find a way to coexist in a happy, peaceful balance?

Rodman Hall is the Headquarters for the Department of Accessible Information
the grounds of Rodman Hall is the last refuge for nature without technology
every day there is a natural disaster
every day another animal or tree dies
every 20 minutes the season changes (snow is all black and gross)
there is barely any nature left
people have been disappearing
Mother Modem controls almost all of the earth